Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments are a must for businesses in today’s ever changing technological world. With cyber attacks on the rise, businesses need to know how secure they are, where their weaknesses are, and how to make themselves secure.

Businesses can have gaps in security that will cause their internal controls to be compromised, causing a security breach. If there is a flaw in a software design that a cyber threat can exploit, the attacker will cause a security breach.

What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

It is a testing process that is performed to identify and designate severity levels to a comprehensive a list of security issues in a given time frame as is possible. Cyber Security Analysts will use both manual and automated techniques that have multiple levels of strength in order to be as all inclusive as possible in testing. The approach is always used with the mindset of the business being at risk, so that multiple levels and layers of technology are tested. Some of these include networks, hosting, applications and their various levels, etc.

Vulnerability assessments are meant to help and protect companies so that they can fix any vulnerabilities found before an attack takes place, keeping them protected from a security breach.

How does a Vulnerability Assessment work?

The Cyber Security Analyst will use techniques to identify all ranges of threats, which could be a simple mis-configuration, all the way to code based threats. They will then create documentation describing the threats including their types, levels, so that the engineers can reproduce their findings with as little difficulty as possible. Next, they will produce solutions to solve and prevent the identified threats.

Application Innovations provides full Vulnerability Assessments solutions. Contact us today for more information!

Penetration Testing

One example of testing for a Vulnerability Assessment is penetration testing. A Cyber Security Analyst will attempt to use both automated and manual technologies to compromise the business’s technologies systematically, including wireless networks and devices, mobile devices, web applications, endpoints, and servers. If a vulnerability is exploited, then the Cyber Security Analyst will try to use the system that now has been compromised to exploit other areas of the business’s technologies, basically escalating the breach to higher levels of sensitive information.

Any information gathered with this type of testing will be provided to the appropriate departments of the business so that they can make strategic choices to find the most optimum solution to delineate the best order of remediations for the breaches.

What are the benefits of Penetration Testing?

Businesses avoid down time, meet regulatory requirements, and of course protect their corporate image and customer loyalties.

How often should you have a Penetration Test performed?

Penetration Tests should be performed regularly, such as new security patches or end user policies are amended or applied, or when you have a new office location opening up.

Application Innovations can perform Penetration Testing so that you can protect your business and networks from attacks before they occur. Contact us today for more information!

Social Engineering

What is Social Engineering?

A Social Engineering attack is something most people are aware of but did not know the technical term for. Have you ever received an email or message from that person in another country asking you to send them money, or, asking for your personal information so they can send you money or a gift, etc.? These are called phishing scams, or more technically Social Engineering scams.

In social media, you see posts all the time about posting the X picture in your gallery, or answering a list of questions about yourself, and passing it on, or tagging others to do so. These are Social Engineering scam artist’s bread and butter. When you do these innocently enough, you are giving the fuel to the hacker. They can search the answers using algorithms on social media, and therefore may be getting compromising information about you that can allow them to figure out your passwords or worse.  When you post pictures on these types of posts, they are going to search for them the same way, and possibly use them to use facial recognition to steal your data from a smart device or account that uses this technology. They may even use the pictures to try to look like you in order to use a fake identity in your name!

Another example is when a hacker uses an email almost exactly like your executive level employee’s email, sending messages to all your employees asking for sensitive information in order to process say, W2s. If the person doesn’t pay careful attention to these emails, they are going to respond, and therefore have their information compromised.

AI can work with your team, building business-specific plans in order to educate your employees on how to protect themselves from a social engineering attacks and educate them on the warning signs to look for to prevent and report on possible threats.

What Sets Us Apart

Application Innovations, LLC. is an all inclusive Information Technology services firm that can not only perform the security assessments but also provide the necessary expertise to review the results from a business perspective down to the source code level where applicable. Our customers do not need to hire addition third party service providers to review and find remedies to the vulnerabilities, AI performs all tasks as part of the service.