Application Innovations strives to provide our customers with top of the line custom software development and consulting services using best practices. Our team of experienced professionals will build custom software solutions for any client need.


When a client hires us to build them a custom software solution, we don’t just dive in and build the solution. We work side by side with the company, get to know and understand how their business works and what their needs are within their industry. Once we understand these, we work with our client to give them the options for tools that will provide them with the custom solution their company needs. We provide the full stack team of developers, engineers, management, quality assurance, and whomever else is needed to perform at our highest levels and get the job done.

When we use coding, we don’t play around. We make sure that our custom coding projects are built to your specifications, but not only that we build them so that they can grow with your company in the future. We make sure our coding is scalable and reliable, so that you won’t have to worry about bad code.

Open Source

·         HTML 5

·         CSS

·         jQuery

·         JavaScript

·         Node JS

·         PHP

·         JSON

·         Angular JS

·         Knockout JS

·         Backbone JS

·         Ember JS

·         Heroku

·         XML / XSD

·         SaSS

·         Python

·         Ruby


·         ASP.NET MVC

·         C#, VB

·         Silverlight

·         WPF / WCF / XAML / MVVM

·         Desktop, Win 8, Metro, C++


·         JSP

·         Spring MVC

·         Struts

·         jUnit


·         SQL Server

·         Oracle

·         MySQL

·         PostgreSQL

·         NoSQL

·         MongoDB


Mobile / Tablet

·         iOS native

·         Android native

·         jQuery mobile

·         PhoneGap, Cordova

·         Xamarin